Thursday, August 18, 2011

VTM Benny Meng's inflated ego on his facebook page

On Benny Meng's facebook he advertised himself as Grand Master Benny Meng.
So Wing Chun Sifu Dr. John Crescione asks Benny - Who promoted you as Grand Master?
Benny replied - God promoted me.
After naming that ridiculous post, Benny realized how stupid his reply was, so he deleted the whole thread.

Benny, who gave you the right to promote yourself as Grand Master?
Now that you are Kenneth Lin's student, you demoted yourself from 3rd generation Ip Man Wing Chun under Moy Yat to 7th generation Ip Man Wing Chun under 6th generation Lin.  Kenneth Lin is 6th generation Ip Man lineage from Vikoga Wing Chun.

From Sifu Sergio's research, Kenneth Lin's fabricated Hek Ki Boen (HKB) Wing Chun.  The old men of HKB could not demonstrate Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu or Biu Ji, because it doesn't exist in HKB.  HKB 18 Hand Lohan Master Tio said HKB is not Wing Chun but 18 Hand Lohan.  Even Kenneth Lin's Sihing Tjie Siong Liong said: “As far as I know that there a lot of lie make by Lin Xiang Fuk. One of those lie is there is no siu nim tau or chum kiu or biu ji in the late GM Kwee King Yangs Teachings. He just mix my sifu's system with Wing Chun system.”  Benny, HKB is not Wing Chun, 18 Lohan is not Wing Chun.

In reality, HKB is just an old Chinese traitor Black Flag gang, they have history before, during and after the Japanese invasion to China.  HKB members know 18 Hand Lohan is from Fukien, they just happen to be HKB gangster who know 18 Hand Lohan.  But phony VTM reseacher, Benny doesn’t know the difference between 18 Hand Lohan and Wing Chun.  Benny, you are really an 18 Hand Lohan student in the HKB gang.  How can you be a grandmaster?  You’re not only stupid and gullible but you cannot answer Wing Chun Sifu Dr. John Crescione's question.

 Benny you have no shame to say God promoted you, then to delete the thread when the public knows your every move.  You are stupid.  You cannot see pass your inflated ego to see your stupidity.  What are you hiding?  You are for sure not a Grand Master of Wing Chun but just a 7th generation Wing Chun student under 6th generation Ip Man student, Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk.  You are not a Grand Master in any shape or form, you are completely out of your fuken mind!

Kenneth Lin fabricated his 5 flags Wing Chun story.  5 flags Wing Chun never existed in history.  By the way, one of Lin's 5 flags is yellow, it matches the 5 flag  bandits who were robbers, murderers, traitors and rapist.  Hung Mun is Lin’s smoke screen. The public evidence on Kenny's fraudulent background is out there, you know that.  Sergio saw the truth and saw through you and Lin.  Benny, if you did real research like a real researcher with integrity like Sifu Sergio you would have called Lin out.  But your inflated ego, stupidity and greed took you down the road you went down to far to turn back, so now your trying to change HKB into Shaolin HKB.  WTF!   This is a bunch of bull.  The Wing Chun community knows Lin is a phony, he fabricated his 5 flags Wing Chun scandal and you went along with it.  The public, the Wing Chun community, Sifu Sergio and HKB has put all the evidence on the table!  What qualifies you as Grand Master?  You are out of your fucken mind Benny!

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