Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lin’s HKB extortion activities

Before the two scam artists, Kenneth and Benny, started trying to change history, there was only GM Kwee King Yang’s 18 Hand Lohan and Hek Ki Boen. There NEVER was a Kwee King Yang Wing Chun!  Who the hell do you think you are, Benny and Kenneth, to tell us GM Kwee King Yang had Wing Chun?  You stupid punks feel there are no consequences for your lying, cheating, double dealing business of self promotion.
The Set Up:
Back in 2008, Kenneth Lin Xian Fuk, convinced Master Tio to agree with his fabricated, “5 flags Wing Chun” bullshit.  Master Tio had good intentions to support his student Kenneth, in making money in America. But today, Master Tio deeply regrets ever saying HKB has Wing Chun. It has only caused turmoil with HKB, 18 Hands Lohan and Wing Chun. Master Tio admitted to his students, that Lin coached him to lie about his fabricated Black Flag Wing Chun. He also admitted that, back in 2008, Lin recorded a video of him supporting Lin’s fake 5 flags Wing Chun.  All along, Lin coached not only Tio, but the other 18 Hand Lohan old men, to agree with his fabricated Shaolin HKB Black Flag Eng Chun 5 flags Wing Chun bullshit.
The Black Mail:
Today, Lin is threatening to use the video he made of Master Tio to extort him, because he is frightened by another video, where Master Tio tells the truth. Master Tio deserves respect for admitting the truth, and having deep regrets; despite his previous good intentions to support Lin in the past. Inside HKB, from top to bottom, Master Tio is the only one who has the respect to do what is right.  In truth, there is a dark side to Lin’s background. Lin’s HKB gang activities, associations and propaganda in other countries, are characteristic of a criminal organization. 
Lin and Meng’s students would be shocked to discover that Lin is running out of countries to commit crimes in.  Why is Lin on restricted government listings, forbidding him entrance into certain countries?  Why did Lin lie about being in Japan and Canada?  The general public is learning the reality about this corrupted, self-promoted grandmaster of bullshit. They are discovering how Lin and Meng’s HKB criminal and propaganda activities, which form their propaganda machine, the fabricated VTM 3-Halls Shaolin HKB Black Flag Eng Chun / 5 Flags Wing Chun sham, are infused with extortion, lies, fraud, forgery, and unjust slander. (Note to Lin and Benny, you could have picked shorter names for all your bullshit labels, it’s getting too dam long!)
The Verification:
With more research, the general public can expect to see more shocking, untold stories about Lin’s past activities. See for yourself! According to independent international researchers, without VTM influence, Shaolin HKB Black Flag Eng Chun/ 5 flags Wing Chun, is fabricated. The researchers have their own testimonies below, telling about Lin and Meng’s fabrication and extortion.  Independent international research comes from, Marcelo of Brazil, Sifu Sergio of Hong Kong and Sifu Tur of Thailand.

Without prejudice:
I have been exchanging emails with Sifu Tio Tek Kwie for the last few months, and that's what I've gathered from our correspondence:
1 - Sifu Tio has never learned nor taught any Wing Chun style;
2 - GM Kwee King Yang, Sifu Tio's teacher, has never learned nor taught any Wing Chun style;
3 - GM Kwee King Yang's martial art was/is called "Cap Pwi Lohan Jiu" / 18 Hands of Lohan (hands - not fists - because, in that style, the hand is not completely closed when striking);
4 - There is no "Siu Nin Tau", "Chum Kiu", "Biu Ji" or any other form or body mechanics of Wing Chun in Cap Pwi Lohan Jiu;
5 - GM Kwee King Yang was a member of an Indonesian brotherhood called "Black Flag Society", which had nothing to do with Wing Chun or martial arts; rather, the purpose of the Black Flag Society of Indonesia was to provide shelter and ways of subsistence for the Southern China refugees;
6 - The Fukienese styles *and even the people* from the Eng Chun (Wing Chun/Yong Chun) State are known by the general expression "Hokkien Eng Chun" (just google it and see), which has nothing to do with the Kung Fu style known as "Wing Chun";
7 - Neither Mr. Lin nor Mr. Meng have ever learnt any Wing Chun from GM Tio or any other student of the late Kwee King Yang - after all (again!) neither GM Tio nor GM Kwee have ever learned any Wing Chun;
8 - "Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun" or "Black Flag Wing Chun" is a creation of Mr. Lin and Mr. Meng, who mixed up Vikoga, Yip Man and Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun with forms, concepts and body mechanics of Cap Pwi Lohan Jiu;
9 - Both Mr. Lin and Mr. Meng were disconected from GM Tio's lineage before they had a chance to learn Sifu Kwee King Yang's system in depth.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Here my 2 statements regarding my recent findings that were made during my research into Wing Chun's history.

Dear Wing Chun community,

I am writing to inform the community that effective as of today,
I disassociate myself from the HKB association.

As an avid researcher and practitioner of Wing Chun, I have arrived
at a juncture where my findings regarding the origin of Wing Chun
no longer makes my support of the teachings of HKB association tenable.

 This is a personal decision I need to make.

I do not wish this announcement to impact any of your views regarding HKB
and I sincerely wish each and everyone of you the best on your journey toward
learning Wing Chun in its true form.

Sifu Sergio

Official Statement of Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola,

A Year ago I joined the HKB (Black Flag Wing Chun) association.
my interest was sparked by its history, theory and expressed skill
levels, by its senior members.

As many of you are probably aware, I'm a researcher of the Wing
Chun system.  I travel through China and South East Asia, to promote
the system's history and lineages.

Over the past years several attacks against HKB were launched on
Youtube, which I helped defend on my Sifu Sergio channel.  I even promoted
the system itself through several videos.

As a researcher however, I keep an open mind and look at things
from different viewpoints, some subjects brought up in the attacks
caused some concerns. However, my doubts were always
clarified by the head of HKB.  However, a recent trip to Indonesia
to meet GM Tio Tek Kwie proved otherwise.

The late GM Kwee King Yang had ten Sifus, from several different
Fukien systems. His First Sifu a Black Flag secret society member
named The Kiang Sing, his Second Sifu Goei Bok Khie a Tai Zo expert,
his Third Sifu Oei Liok Hin whom he learned the Sip Ji Kun from and
his Fourth Sifu was called Tio Han Tam.

Only Kwee King Yang's last Sifu Ciao Fun Jiao is used by the
propaganda of HKB Wing Chun as his history is clouded due to the Black
Flag secret society that he was part of.

The Saam Chian Bo for example, comes from the late GM Gei Bok Khie,
who was a Tai Zo expert. Kwee King Yang just added the Black Flag
secret society knowledge given to him, by his last Sifu Ciao Fun Jiao
(NOTE: This is not WING CHUN!) onto his other learned systems
and came up with his unique18 Lohan Hands system.

The current leader of the HKB in the USA, learned this system in Indonesia,
under several sifu's, mainly sifu Tio Tek Kwie, but he also learned Wing
Chun under a Sifu called Victor Leow, eventually mixing the systems and
coming up with his Saam Chian Wing Chun which he taught in Japan. And
later Ng Cho Wing Chun which he taught in Indonesia, before coming to
the US and creating his HKB Wing Chun (Black Flag Wing Chun)

In Indonesia, the system from GM Kwee King Yang is called 18 lohan
hands, and does not have Siu Nim Tau, nor Chum Kiu, nor Biu Tze in
its curriculum.

The Forms taught are:
- Sam Chian
- Lower Saam Chian
- Sat Si Mui
- Sip Ji Kun

and several others, not found in  HKB system in the US, like for
example the forms Tai Zo Kun, Song Sui and Bak Kak.

The system of HKB furthermore, contains a lot of theory and elements
from the Hung Fa Yi system,  according to my sources were extracted
from Benny Meng's books and VTM website.

There are no pictures or videos in existence of any student of the
late GM Kwee King Yang nor of himself showing any wing chun form
resembling Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu or Biu Tze.

For anyone who questions this, I advise you to go to Indonesia yourself.
Go to Surabaya or Probalingo, and ask them about these forms, or if
they were ever taught these forms by the late Gm Kwee King Yang.

I'm aware that the means to defend themselves at this stage is to say
that I paid grandmasters in Indonesia with sums of money. Anybody
believing that, again I suggest to go to Indonesia and talk with the students
of the late GM Kwee King Yang yourself, and verify what I'm stating in
this letter.

Anyway I'm sure, this is not the last of it, as I'm dragged further in
this political game, but then again, it happened to me before, this is
basically the 3rd time that I found myself being involved in an
association where it seems a normal state of affairs to build a
reputation with lies and deceit.

Sifu Sergio Pascal iadarola

The maker of this video was right all along

Letter from Sifu Sergio to Sifu Lin
Dear Sifu Lin,

After a long meditation, and long reflexions about our Kung Fu future we decided today to stop our learning of the Hek ki boen style.
We took this decision based on the following reasons :

1.During our training together in kowloon park we met an original student of Kwee King Yang we have spend lots of time with him and through that know now all the history and facts.

2.we cannot teach a kung fu system with a fabricated history, here are some points to clarify what we mean as its shocking to find out that the internet attacks that were launched against you and we helped so hard to repel ,are in fact all true!!!

- kwee king yang had 10 sifu's ,the detachment, whip,and Red Palm came from Ciao fun jiao his last sifu and the black flag,but many other things not! Kwee king yang studied around 2 years under ciao fun jiao until the later unfortunately died.

-The saam chian for example comes from Gei Bok Khie who was a Tai Zo expert Kwee King Yang just added the black flag secret society knowledge onto his other learned systems and came up with his unique 18 lohan hands system

-We have proof that only the engine of your HKB is from the black flag non of the forms they are all from other systems,again we have proof for everything we say here,including photos of Kwee King Yang from as far back as 1920 even original writings from him

-The siauw lim do and Tim kiao are your creations from the teachings of victor leow mixed with the teachings of your other sifu's mixed with the formula of Hung Fa Yi which you modified quite ingeniously,we must admid you did a great job as you had us fooled for over a year.

- Easy to say Biu Tze is lost, it never existed in kwee king yangs teachings!!! Thats why the regression therapist said something that was never there cannot be retrieved

- We have all the proof that this system that was called 18 lohan hand by Kwee King Yang is definately not Wing Chun,you were very smart to steal the formula from Benny mengs website and change it a little and trick Benny with his own info,your post on the VTM forum in 2003 gave you away but now we have hard proof in our hands video material etc (at this moment forwared and kept by 6 of my close students)

- Where are your pictures of you learning under your sifus in the 80's? They are non existent because you never studied it at that time!

- The student of Kwee King Yang we met and want to keep a secret at this stage is a friend of several students of Kwee King Yang he told us many things about you,now i understand your character better and why you changed all the text on your facebook pictures of your last big indonesia trip with the USA students,what kung fu ethics is that?

- We dont want a war nor politics nor hurt your business so we will not publish anything unless you attack us on the social media like youtube and facebook.

- You are the only one recieving this mail,we just want to leave in peace but be aware that if you start something we will not hesitate to post several videos that are in our possesion that will totally destroy your association when revealed on our channels we hope it does not have to come to that.

- What hurt us most is your lies,like you never where in Japan???? Even showing your passport.
But we have proof of you teaching Wing Chun in japan,you even met your wife there!!!

- We are thankful for your teachings because you are definately a capable kung fu master
But we are really dissapointed with your ethics,we have collected so much proof but again are not going to use it unless you try to harm us.

- Kwee king Yang promoted the learning of many styles,but you forced us to quit our practice of Tang Yick Wing Chun etc

- Also your Control Grid and ICP rules are a big reason for all of us to quit

So we are very sorry to tell you things like this,but the truth is the truth and the truth should be protected at all costs!!!

-last point all the video testimonials from us and all the IWKA members must be removed from the internet,as we dont want to support any lies we give you 72 hours to do so

We wish you the best for your future projects but we and the rest of the ICP members from the IWKA are leaving from this moment on your HKB family

Sincerely Sifu Sergio and Sifu Gerald Tur

This maker of this video was right all along

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaolin HKB Eng Chun/Black Flag Five Flags Wing Chun is a Hoax

Benny Meng, what is wrong with you? There will always be scam artists like you around.
You are destroying your students’ future with your false teachings. Your students want to learn real Wing Chun, while you are teaching them fake Wing Chun. You mix words to hide that you are really teaching Hek Ki Boen (HKB) 18 Hands Lohan. You are a poison among the Martial Arts communities, and you should not refer to your Meng’s school as VTM. That is a false representation of the Wing Chun community.

By sending out Hoffman’s personal emails to attack Sifu Sergio, not only are both you and Kenneth Lin betraying friends, you are also setting a very bad example as a teacher to your students. On Kenneth Lin’s last trip back to Indonesia, he told the HKB old men, that you and your false museum are totally under his control, to make money from the gullible students, for the HKB old men. But, at the same time, Lin expressed his fear, that Sifu Sergio was out to expose his new findings from the HKB Master Tio Tik Kwi, and that other HKB members in the USA would hurt his business. That's the reason Lin kept changing his HKB website so often, to hide the truth, changing his HKB teacher from Tio Tik Kwi to The Kang Hay (Tee Kang Hai).

Comparing Sifu Sergio to you, the little stupid Benny, self appointed false grandmaster of BS, Sifu Sergio is a much more honest researcher than you, at any given time. He would not support any lies from Kenneth Lin, or the false Shaolin HKB Eng Chun or Black Flag/5Flag Wing Chun scandal, which is totally fabricated by Kenneth Lin.  After Sifu Sergio and Sifu Gerald Tur exposed the truth, you willingly followed Lin's footsteps, and continue with this nonsense about the HKB 18 Hands Lohan, as Shaolin Wing Chun. Recently, your ex-student Marcelo, also contacted our HKB master Tio, and found out all these lies about Kenneth Lin. He discovered that his stories of Shaolin HKB Black Flag/5 Flags Eng Chun, are fabricated and a complete hoax.

Little stupid Benny, please stop poisoning the MA communities with your false research. As a real 18 Hands Lohan member, I am strongly suggesting you do some in-depth research on Kenneth Lin's background.
1) Ask Kenneth Lin where he got his 9 gates concept from.
Certainly, it is not from HKB. Our 18 Hands Lohan members are well aware, that Lin spent over a decade stealing information from other people on the internet. *The 9 gates concept* was from Wing Chun Sifu Robert Chu's article.
2) Why did Kenneth Lin suddenly change his HKB teacher from Tio Tik Kwi to The Kang Hay (Tee Kang Hai)?
Because, Master Tio told Sergio, as well Marcelo, the truth about the real history of 18 Hands Lohan, and that it has nothing to do with Wing Chun. These other HKB old men that Lin reports to, just want money, and don't really care if Lin is presenting lies to get it.
3) Why did Kenneth Lin tell Sifu Sergio, that the Biu Jee form was lost?
Because Lin is not a Wing Chun master by any means. In truth, Kenneth Lin is a 6th generation student, of Ip Man Wing Chun, that never finished his Wing Chun training. You can still find many old posts from Lin in indo forum, where he asked some people to send him the material, to learn on his own. Now you and Lin have come up with this marketing scams, and you wanted to charge people over $128,000. That is a real shame, seeing all these gullible people being cheated by the both of you. Maybe you have forgotten that you got to learn it for free. Master Tio didn't charge a penny for his teaching to you!
4) You should stop misrepresenting our 18 Hands Lohan system. HKB is not a kung fu style; HKB was the name of an underground gang which has nothing to do with the Shaolin Temple. There never was any Shaolin HKB Eng Chun/Black Flag or Five Flags Wing Chun anywhere in history.
5) It is about time for you to do the right thing, and ask Kenneth Lin to come clean. Kenneth Lin's Wing Chun came from Anthony Chung Che Man, not from HKB 18 Hands Lohan. Both You and Lin should wake up from your fantasy and stop cheating your students.
6) Why don't you go interview Anthony Chung Che Man to seek the truth about this false history of Shaolin HKB Eng Chun? According to Lin's old website, Anthony Chung Che Man was the one who taught Kenneth Lin Wing Chun.

No one in HKB has anything to do with Wing Chun. Little stupid Benny, do you understand that? Your own creation with Lin, Shaolin HKB Eng Chun, is BOGUS! Everyone is laughing at you. You might be able to sell your fantasy to your gullible students, but not the public!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

VTM Benny Meng's inflated ego on his facebook page

On Benny Meng's facebook he advertised himself as Grand Master Benny Meng.
So Wing Chun Sifu Dr. John Crescione asks Benny - Who promoted you as Grand Master?
Benny replied - God promoted me.
After naming that ridiculous post, Benny realized how stupid his reply was, so he deleted the whole thread.

Benny, who gave you the right to promote yourself as Grand Master?
Now that you are Kenneth Lin's student, you demoted yourself from 3rd generation Ip Man Wing Chun under Moy Yat to 7th generation Ip Man Wing Chun under 6th generation Lin.  Kenneth Lin is 6th generation Ip Man lineage from Vikoga Wing Chun.

From Sifu Sergio's research, Kenneth Lin's fabricated Hek Ki Boen (HKB) Wing Chun.  The old men of HKB could not demonstrate Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu or Biu Ji, because it doesn't exist in HKB.  HKB 18 Hand Lohan Master Tio said HKB is not Wing Chun but 18 Hand Lohan.  Even Kenneth Lin's Sihing Tjie Siong Liong said: “As far as I know that there a lot of lie make by Lin Xiang Fuk. One of those lie is there is no siu nim tau or chum kiu or biu ji in the late GM Kwee King Yangs Teachings. He just mix my sifu's system with Wing Chun system.”  Benny, HKB is not Wing Chun, 18 Lohan is not Wing Chun.

In reality, HKB is just an old Chinese traitor Black Flag gang, they have history before, during and after the Japanese invasion to China.  HKB members know 18 Hand Lohan is from Fukien, they just happen to be HKB gangster who know 18 Hand Lohan.  But phony VTM reseacher, Benny doesn’t know the difference between 18 Hand Lohan and Wing Chun.  Benny, you are really an 18 Hand Lohan student in the HKB gang.  How can you be a grandmaster?  You’re not only stupid and gullible but you cannot answer Wing Chun Sifu Dr. John Crescione's question.

 Benny you have no shame to say God promoted you, then to delete the thread when the public knows your every move.  You are stupid.  You cannot see pass your inflated ego to see your stupidity.  What are you hiding?  You are for sure not a Grand Master of Wing Chun but just a 7th generation Wing Chun student under 6th generation Ip Man student, Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk.  You are not a Grand Master in any shape or form, you are completely out of your fuken mind!

Kenneth Lin fabricated his 5 flags Wing Chun story.  5 flags Wing Chun never existed in history.  By the way, one of Lin's 5 flags is yellow, it matches the 5 flag  bandits who were robbers, murderers, traitors and rapist.  Hung Mun is Lin’s smoke screen. The public evidence on Kenny's fraudulent background is out there, you know that.  Sergio saw the truth and saw through you and Lin.  Benny, if you did real research like a real researcher with integrity like Sifu Sergio you would have called Lin out.  But your inflated ego, stupidity and greed took you down the road you went down to far to turn back, so now your trying to change HKB into Shaolin HKB.  WTF!   This is a bunch of bull.  The Wing Chun community knows Lin is a phony, he fabricated his 5 flags Wing Chun scandal and you went along with it.  The public, the Wing Chun community, Sifu Sergio and HKB has put all the evidence on the table!  What qualifies you as Grand Master?  You are out of your fucken mind Benny!

Benny Meng’s VTM conclusion on wing chun is complete bullshit

Benny Mengs’s VTM and Kenneth Lin’s HKB can no longer bullshit their way through the martial art community.  The martial arts community has given them benefit of the doubt and "direct experience". Lin’s past decade of 5 ancestors and Vikoga Wing Chun websites contradicts what meng and lin say today.

Is the VTM really incompetent or outright lying?  HKB master Tio, said there is no wing chun in HKB.  In the VTM's report on HKB, it said, Tio the only student to have official permisson to open a school and was and is one of the close-door student of Tio.  Through direct experience, Sifu Sergio once was a student of Lin but when he found out Lin’s HKB was fake through his own research, he quit Lin.  Sergio said on his facebook:
"... the truth is that its a mix of 6 different fukien styles,Black Flag Secret society knowledge and Hung Fa Yi Theory."
After Sifu Sergio left HKB, the VTM curator and founder, Benny Meng, started attacking Sifu Sergio.  Now the VTM says The Hay is the most senior in HKB.  Is the VTM curator professional or a fake researcher with ulterior motives?

What is VTM's motives?  Money and ego.  The VTM is interested in building up its conflict of interest, Meng’s martial arts franchise and affiliation with Lin’s Shaolin HKB.  The VTM and Meng’s Martail Art’s interest is promoting the Shaolin labels for marketing purposes.  Meng never got permission to from Shaolin. Benny Meng is a self titled grandmaster of a made up Shaolin 3 halls.  Ten years ago, HKB did not exist, but today and just recently it changed its name again, this time to Shaolin HKB. Not only that but Meng’s is promoting Shaolin had only 3 Shaolin halls which is a lie.  In real Shaolin history, there was 36 halls, 3 halls never existed.  Benny Meng's Shaolin 3 halls is a scam.  This current name change stupid because back in 7/27/2010, Lin said "HKB Wing Chun is not the same as Shaolin Wing Chun.”.  How stupid is that?

Lin’s fake Shaolin Black Flag HKB Eng Chun / 5 flag Wing Chun is complete 100 and 10% bullshit.  Lin is a liar and he owes the martial arts community a public apology.  Lin is really a 6th generation Ip Man student and not a master.  Lin does not represent Wing Chun or the HKB 18 Lohan school.
" Again some unfortunate misinformation is spread by Benny Meng curator of the VTM,he should get his facts straight before lashing out and be a real researcher,read below the photo for the details of the real legacy of the late GM Kwee King Yang in Indonesia" - Sifu Sergio

".. LIN created his own HKB Wing Chun taking Hung Fa Yi theories mixing it with the vikogwa wing chun he learned from Victor Leouw plus the extra knowledge of Kwee King Yangs 18 Lohan Hands.." - Sifu Sergio

" Lin's self created Siu Nim Tau (Siauw Lim Do) for example is for a big part original 18 lohan form" - Sifu Sergio

"when i went to Indonesia for my research i found out the facts and send my resignation to the HKB family in the USA,nothing more nothing less." - Sifu Sergio