Thursday, August 18, 2011

Benny Meng’s VTM conclusion on wing chun is complete bullshit

Benny Mengs’s VTM and Kenneth Lin’s HKB can no longer bullshit their way through the martial art community.  The martial arts community has given them benefit of the doubt and "direct experience". Lin’s past decade of 5 ancestors and Vikoga Wing Chun websites contradicts what meng and lin say today.

Is the VTM really incompetent or outright lying?  HKB master Tio, said there is no wing chun in HKB.  In the VTM's report on HKB, it said, Tio the only student to have official permisson to open a school and was and is one of the close-door student of Tio.  Through direct experience, Sifu Sergio once was a student of Lin but when he found out Lin’s HKB was fake through his own research, he quit Lin.  Sergio said on his facebook:
"... the truth is that its a mix of 6 different fukien styles,Black Flag Secret society knowledge and Hung Fa Yi Theory."
After Sifu Sergio left HKB, the VTM curator and founder, Benny Meng, started attacking Sifu Sergio.  Now the VTM says The Hay is the most senior in HKB.  Is the VTM curator professional or a fake researcher with ulterior motives?

What is VTM's motives?  Money and ego.  The VTM is interested in building up its conflict of interest, Meng’s martial arts franchise and affiliation with Lin’s Shaolin HKB.  The VTM and Meng’s Martail Art’s interest is promoting the Shaolin labels for marketing purposes.  Meng never got permission to from Shaolin. Benny Meng is a self titled grandmaster of a made up Shaolin 3 halls.  Ten years ago, HKB did not exist, but today and just recently it changed its name again, this time to Shaolin HKB. Not only that but Meng’s is promoting Shaolin had only 3 Shaolin halls which is a lie.  In real Shaolin history, there was 36 halls, 3 halls never existed.  Benny Meng's Shaolin 3 halls is a scam.  This current name change stupid because back in 7/27/2010, Lin said "HKB Wing Chun is not the same as Shaolin Wing Chun.”.  How stupid is that?

Lin’s fake Shaolin Black Flag HKB Eng Chun / 5 flag Wing Chun is complete 100 and 10% bullshit.  Lin is a liar and he owes the martial arts community a public apology.  Lin is really a 6th generation Ip Man student and not a master.  Lin does not represent Wing Chun or the HKB 18 Lohan school.
" Again some unfortunate misinformation is spread by Benny Meng curator of the VTM,he should get his facts straight before lashing out and be a real researcher,read below the photo for the details of the real legacy of the late GM Kwee King Yang in Indonesia" - Sifu Sergio

".. LIN created his own HKB Wing Chun taking Hung Fa Yi theories mixing it with the vikogwa wing chun he learned from Victor Leouw plus the extra knowledge of Kwee King Yangs 18 Lohan Hands.." - Sifu Sergio

" Lin's self created Siu Nim Tau (Siauw Lim Do) for example is for a big part original 18 lohan form" - Sifu Sergio

"when i went to Indonesia for my research i found out the facts and send my resignation to the HKB family in the USA,nothing more nothing less." - Sifu Sergio

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