Friday, December 16, 2011

HKB conspiracy continue

I feel so sick and upset. Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk has return to Indonesia. Lin came back to buy off the old HKB men to lie for his conspiracy.  I have seen Lin many years ago fantasize about making money. Then I saw a report from many years ago on false HKB history made by Lin and Meng.  It makes me sick.
When I see Benny here in Indonesia day after day I think of a cockroach from VTM. I can only try to hide behind my smile to where I am so sick. Our HKB members are corrupted by money, money, money! HKB is no longer geniune.  Lin tells the old HKB men to lie everytime he comes back to Indonesia.  Kwee King Yang is 18 Lohan!  Lin is nothing but a professional liar. Master Tio is only true and genuine man. Sergio has the truth with Master Tio. I only see one person in HKB who will stand up for the truth. Master Tio has earned my repsect. He has a true genuine heart not to put himself first and sell out HKB like the other old HKB men.

I know why Lin came 12/8/2011, three days before Benny Meng came here.  Lin plan to come ahead to cheat Benny Meng like he did in 09. In 09 Lin went ahead of time to trick Benny Meng and Sergio. Later Sergio went back without Lin knowing and found out the truth.  Lin is afraid to go down the toilet. Benny knows nothing about real research. Benny is willing to lie for Lin.  I can see it in his eyes. Look in his eyes, he is willing to compromise and rewrite history. Benny is doing no good for Wing Chun and 18 Lohan.

I personally witness what is going on in the last few days. King Hai is no longer the teacher I respect.  The reason I leave HKB is based on conspiracy in the HKB organization in Indonesia. Last few days I overheard Lin tell the old HKB men no more money coming back to them after after master Tio's video. Lin said master tio's video did some damage.  Even master Tio refused to take his money but as long as King Hai behind him the old men will get money. Lin is confident with King Hai to fool Benny. Unlike Sergio, Lin said he dont need to worry about Benny. Benny can be fool like in past 08 and 09 and now.  Lin said Sergio is 10 times more intelligent than Benny, Benny will work under him.  I no longer identify myself with King Hai. He has betrayed 18 Lohan and he lies to the martial arts commuity and innocent people around the world.  King Hai is only interested in money scam. That's why King Hai also willing to betray with Master Tio because Lin could pay him with those sting money. There's no more moral within the HKB old men here now.