Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and VTM team up to promote extortion, black flag swindlers greedy for gain.

Gigi Oh's Kung fu tai chi magazine, Kenneth Lin and so called museum curator Benny Meng are using their positions to drag the martial arts community through the mud and seek to swindle the public with their lies to feed their need for greed. Associate publisher Gene Ching is fully aware of the situation, jokingly admitting to the video sales revenues and waiting for a pink flag wing chun so he can further profit.

In light of the fact that kenneth Lin's lie's are known in the Wing Chun world and his black flag organization has been called out on Gigi Oh's kung fu tai chi magazine forum for his lies, how is it that his lie's are continued to be stuffed down our throats through Gigi's propaganda machine, "Kung fu tai chi Magazine." Lin's fake history was exposed a few years ago on her forum by the wing chun community, yet still today it is his business partners who are selling out the martial arts community. Bottom line with Lin, Meng and Gigi is lack of respect and their pursuit of money.

In 2008, Benny Meng's VTM stated that Sifu Tio as the sole inheritor and grandmaster of black flag wing chun and had passed on that lineage to Kenneth Lin. Benny also reported that black flag was one of 5 flags wing chun. A few years ago in 2009, "Kung fu tai chi Magazine" published an article on black flag by Benny Meng. Since that article publication, Wing Chun researcher Sifu Sergio Iadarola presented Kenneth Lin's Sifu Tio. Sifu Tio came out and told the truth that black flag wing chun is a lie and he lied for his student to setup a business in the US.   What a joke. Benny's VTM obvious strategy is to sprinkle lies, marketing his propaganda to further bring in money from his fraudulent activities.

Not only did Kenneth Lin's own sifu expose the fake black flag wing chun scam but others in the wing chun community exposed Lin's history on Gigi Oh's own kung fu magazine forum.  Even in the past, Lin had promoted a 5 flags wing chun and Hung Mun 5 flag color propaganda, but his lie was pointed out since Lin's original 5 flag colors matched the 5 flag bandits of old China. Lin's historical black flag is really bandits from Eng Chun or Yong Chun province. what a liar of history. Do these scammers just think they can rewrite history and truth and keep selling it to us regardless of being called out for their dishonesty and greed.
How can Gigi Oh, a publisher, sell a dishonest product? In publishing his writings she is an accomplice to his lies, using articles to sell his videos through her video company. How much is she getting paid off to do this? Gigi lying to the public one time maybe excusable, but after the Wing Chun researcher Sifu Sergio, the Wing Chun community, Lin's sihing and people from Indonesia exposed Kenneth Lin's lies, how can Gigi Oh, agree to publishing a fake article to sell their dishonest stupid videos.  Gigi and her associate Gene Ching are sell outs and show no respect for the martial arts community.  They are desperate to keep there sinking propaganda magazine afloat. Any respectable publication would show proper respect to the martial arts community they claim to promote!