Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaolin HKB Eng Chun/Black Flag Five Flags Wing Chun is a Hoax

Benny Meng, what is wrong with you? There will always be scam artists like you around.
You are destroying your students’ future with your false teachings. Your students want to learn real Wing Chun, while you are teaching them fake Wing Chun. You mix words to hide that you are really teaching Hek Ki Boen (HKB) 18 Hands Lohan. You are a poison among the Martial Arts communities, and you should not refer to your Meng’s school as VTM. That is a false representation of the Wing Chun community.

By sending out Hoffman’s personal emails to attack Sifu Sergio, not only are both you and Kenneth Lin betraying friends, you are also setting a very bad example as a teacher to your students. On Kenneth Lin’s last trip back to Indonesia, he told the HKB old men, that you and your false museum are totally under his control, to make money from the gullible students, for the HKB old men. But, at the same time, Lin expressed his fear, that Sifu Sergio was out to expose his new findings from the HKB Master Tio Tik Kwi, and that other HKB members in the USA would hurt his business. That's the reason Lin kept changing his HKB website so often, to hide the truth, changing his HKB teacher from Tio Tik Kwi to The Kang Hay (Tee Kang Hai).

Comparing Sifu Sergio to you, the little stupid Benny, self appointed false grandmaster of BS, Sifu Sergio is a much more honest researcher than you, at any given time. He would not support any lies from Kenneth Lin, or the false Shaolin HKB Eng Chun or Black Flag/5Flag Wing Chun scandal, which is totally fabricated by Kenneth Lin.  After Sifu Sergio and Sifu Gerald Tur exposed the truth, you willingly followed Lin's footsteps, and continue with this nonsense about the HKB 18 Hands Lohan, as Shaolin Wing Chun. Recently, your ex-student Marcelo, also contacted our HKB master Tio, and found out all these lies about Kenneth Lin. He discovered that his stories of Shaolin HKB Black Flag/5 Flags Eng Chun, are fabricated and a complete hoax.

Little stupid Benny, please stop poisoning the MA communities with your false research. As a real 18 Hands Lohan member, I am strongly suggesting you do some in-depth research on Kenneth Lin's background.
1) Ask Kenneth Lin where he got his 9 gates concept from.
Certainly, it is not from HKB. Our 18 Hands Lohan members are well aware, that Lin spent over a decade stealing information from other people on the internet. *The 9 gates concept* was from Wing Chun Sifu Robert Chu's article.
2) Why did Kenneth Lin suddenly change his HKB teacher from Tio Tik Kwi to The Kang Hay (Tee Kang Hai)?
Because, Master Tio told Sergio, as well Marcelo, the truth about the real history of 18 Hands Lohan, and that it has nothing to do with Wing Chun. These other HKB old men that Lin reports to, just want money, and don't really care if Lin is presenting lies to get it.
3) Why did Kenneth Lin tell Sifu Sergio, that the Biu Jee form was lost?
Because Lin is not a Wing Chun master by any means. In truth, Kenneth Lin is a 6th generation student, of Ip Man Wing Chun, that never finished his Wing Chun training. You can still find many old posts from Lin in indo forum, where he asked some people to send him the material, to learn on his own. Now you and Lin have come up with this marketing scams, and you wanted to charge people over $128,000. That is a real shame, seeing all these gullible people being cheated by the both of you. Maybe you have forgotten that you got to learn it for free. Master Tio didn't charge a penny for his teaching to you!
4) You should stop misrepresenting our 18 Hands Lohan system. HKB is not a kung fu style; HKB was the name of an underground gang which has nothing to do with the Shaolin Temple. There never was any Shaolin HKB Eng Chun/Black Flag or Five Flags Wing Chun anywhere in history.
5) It is about time for you to do the right thing, and ask Kenneth Lin to come clean. Kenneth Lin's Wing Chun came from Anthony Chung Che Man, not from HKB 18 Hands Lohan. Both You and Lin should wake up from your fantasy and stop cheating your students.
6) Why don't you go interview Anthony Chung Che Man to seek the truth about this false history of Shaolin HKB Eng Chun? According to Lin's old website, Anthony Chung Che Man was the one who taught Kenneth Lin Wing Chun.

No one in HKB has anything to do with Wing Chun. Little stupid Benny, do you understand that? Your own creation with Lin, Shaolin HKB Eng Chun, is BOGUS! Everyone is laughing at you. You might be able to sell your fantasy to your gullible students, but not the public!

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