Friday, October 14, 2011

No more lie to our 18 Hands Lohan and no more cheating to the public!

I am glad Master Tio is willing to support Sergio in Thailand.  I’m happy to see something is being done right for our beautiful art, of GM Kwee King Yang’s 18 Hands Lohan.  Master Tio is a man of honor.  Kenneth Lin damaged the reputation of our 18 Lohan family.  However, one problem still remains, in that The Kang Hay likes money and supports Lin’s scam.  I don’t know how The Kang Hay is going to face Master Tio in December. Master Tio said his relationship with Kang cannot be broken by lies.  The Kang Hay supports Lin’s lie now. I hope The Kang Hay tells the truth.  Kwee King Yang’s 18 Hands Lohan cannot have this corruption and fabricated history divide our art, and change our identity to wing chun, by that rat at the VTM storage room.  Just look into Kenneth Lin and Benny Meng’s eyes and you will see they are like rats running for the darkness to hide from the light. Like Kenneth Lin, will the The Kang Hay further disgrace our reputation and join the rats, or will he rise to a position of honor like Master Tio, and tell the truth?

Black Flag Wing Chun Statement by GM Tio Tek Kwie presented by Sifu Sergio

Official statement from Sifu Tio Tek Kwie about his former student Lin xiang fuk ( Kenneth Lin )
Im Very dissapointed that my lessons about being a good and rightgeous person did not succeed by my student , I have to apologize to the Wing Chun community for having supported his Lie about Black Flag Wing Chun my reasons for doing so wer...e none other then to help him set his business up in the US as he convinced me that Wing Chun would be the way to go marketing wise,i did not realise the consequence of this decision.

Again my sincere apologies for making this mistake,and i hope that my ex student can do the same,by disclosing the truth and giving his apologies to the Wing Chun world. in the past i have on several occasions followed his instructions to talk about my Teachers art as Wing Chun but i want to make it very clear that my teacher told me personally that the art is called 18 Lohan Hand

furthermore i want to state that my relationship with my kung fu brother The Kang Hay cannot be broken by lies,dont ever try to break our relationship and that this photo of our reunion were all the direct student of kwee king yang are sitting should be proof enough.

this is going to be my only written comment on all of your accusations as the Truth should indeed be protected at all times and especially the Honor of my beloved teacher Kwee King Yang.

Sincerely Sifu Tio Tek Kwie

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