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Lin will say ANYTHING but not address his past.

Kenneth Lin will say anything but not address his past.  For the cultic followers, it is not what comes out of both sides of Lin’s mouth, but it is the evidence in this blog. What Lin does not talk about, is revealing. Why? Because he is a fake.
“What hurt us most is your lies,like you never where in Japan???? Even showing your passport.
But we have proof of you teaching Wing Chun in japan,you even met your wife there!!!”
- Sifu Sergio & Sifu Tur’s letter to Lin.
Below is evidence supporting Sifu Sergio. From Lin’s original writings of documentation, and correspondence, you will see he mentions the following…
*In 2003: Japan – fast talking bartender
*In 2002: Indonesia – Dive bar manager of cheapest liquor around
*In 2000: Surabaya Indonesia – Looking for a Wing Chun teacher.  Lin meets Anthony Chung Che Man of Vikoga Wing Chun.
*In 1997-1999: Canada – 22 years old burger boy, waiter and busboy

Below: Lin’s Resume’

References: or

*Y2K bug: year 19100 = 2000


*Y2K bug: year 19100 = 2000

References:  or

 *Y2K bug: year 19100 = 2000

Sorry, “Shaolin HKB cult members”. As you can see in the evidence above, Lin is a liar about not being in Japan.  The same as what Sifu Sergio found out.  Lin lies for the same, unethical self-promoting reasons, that Benny Meng promotes propaganda through his self-serving VTM.  Lin runs from his past, by deleting web sites to cover the truth. Just like Benny and his students, they delete stuff when they are challenged.  But here, exposed for all to see, is the captured evidence for the innocent, and the future of 18 Lohan.  Lin cannot delete his illegal gang activity for has no control over that evidence. His records will always come up in Japan.  In the Indonesia forums, Lin is well known to lie about his past, King Yang’s 18 Hands Lohan, Hek Ki Boen and Vikoga Wing Chun. Let us look at his lie about his Wing Chun having Samchien, and see where it really comes from.

"I started learning VingTsun when I was 12, The first was the hokkien`s version of VingTsun which focuses more on bringing the power from foot to the tip of the fingers(BiuJi) using a teachnique called `samchien` which mean `the power of heaven, earth and human`.I practised the hokkien`s version for about 6 years from 3 different sifu in Indonesia.” – Lin
 * Only 6 years of 18 Hands Lohan training and less than 3 years of Wing Chun by 2003.  You will see the 3 sifus referred to here, one is Master Tio.  You saw he met Chung Che Man in Indonesia in 2000.  You will see more below.
* Burger boy Lin, is a liar. He learned his heaven, earth and human Samchien, from downloads on the internet.  Take a look at what he said, on a forum in July of 2003, saying his 6 sifus had incomplete samchien knowledge. Lin, samchien76, asked for downloads to learn the heaven earth man tension, and other tension forms.
“when I was in Indonesia before, my 6 sifus only teach me 3 forms of ngo cho kun*samchien,ji sip kun,lower samchien* because of their knowledge limitation of ngo cho kun and also they're more into the samchien.I need and wanna know the rest of those 44 forms.could u please upload the picture of those form or send it to my email at especially that tien te lin chien*heaven,earth,man tension* and other 'tension' form." – Lin

* Samchien body mechanics are not Wing Chun. Wing Chun has nothing to do with Samchien.  5 Ancestors, 18 Hands Lohan, Okinawa, and Japanese Karate have Samchien; but not Wing Chun.

* You see, Lin is a liar. Lin first learned 18 hands Lohan Samchien; then he learned his heaven, earth, man samchien tension forms from the internet.  Never once did he learn samchien from Wing Chun.  The 6 sifus he degraded are outlined below.  You see, what he now teaches has a history, of made up history, and made up names. And recently, his made up name is now Shaolin HKB. He says a lot of things, and adds a lot of things; but does not tell the truth.

* One of Lin’s 6 teachers, is Master Tio. Master Tio never said samchien is Hokkien/Fukien VingTsun (Lin’s play of words, see 5 flags wing chun section below).  Lin’s sihing also said Lin is a liar; and mixed Master Tio’s (GM Kwee King Yang’s) system with Wing Chun.  In Indonesia, it is well known there never was a Black Flag Wing Chun before 2009, as Robin Wijaya, who is familiar with Kenneth on indo forums, stated.  Lin fabricated HKB Black Flag Wing Chun, before he came back to indo, and after 2009.  He submitted an article, he wrote himself, to a self-submitting internet newspaper in indo, at that time and uses that a reference.  Its ridiculous what people believe.  He is a huge, HUGE LIAR.  HKB Black Flag Wing Chun never came from Indonesia!   As mentioned previously, one of Lin’s 6 teachers is Master Tio and Chung Che Man. See below, the only traceable Wing Chun is from Chung Che Man.

* Kenneth Lin’s 6 different sifus as listed on his indo website(deleted but tree below):
1. Bok Kie Sai    --> Kwee King Yang    --> Chang(*Tio) Tek Kwe     --> Chang Po Wan--> Kenneth Salim [*Chang(Hakka dialect) = Tio (Hokkien dialect)]
2. Kwee King Yang     --> Chang(Tio) Tek Kwe    --> Kenneth Salim (Salim is adopted Indonesian-sounding name)
3. Kwee King Yang    --> Kang Hai        --> Kenneth Salim
4. (Lo Ban Teng line from 5 Ancestors) Ko Yuan    -->Kenneth Salim
5. Lao Jing Ti(Reiki)    --> students        --> Kenneth Salim (Reiki lineage)
/ (Lhama Lao Jing Ti, Gtummo/Incendium Amoris (Reiki) Lin’s black magic school’s website)
6. Victor Leow        --> Chung Che Man    --> Kenneth Salim

and Japan  websites, his 6 sifus are (tree below):
1. Bo Ki Sai        --> Pek King Yang    --> Jing Hai (Jing = Kang is Hokkien dialect)
2. Pek King Yang    --> Tio Tek Kwe        --> Kenneth Lim (Lim is Hakka dialect)
3. Tio Tek Kwe        --> Chang Po Wan    --> Kenneth Lim
4. Lo Ban Teng(5 Ancestors)-->Po Yang Ping    --> Kenneth Lim
5. Lao Jin Ti(Reiki)    --> ?            --> Kenneth Lim (Reiki lineage)
6. Victor Leow        --> *Anthony Cheung    --> Kenneth Lim  *Anthony Chung Che Man

Reference: (Lin deleted this link)
Bartender Kenneth, strings together a family tree with his 6 sifus, including Master Tio(Chang) and Anthony Chung Che Man. Kenneth evolves the tree with stuff he learns from the internet.

Lin’s 6 sifus, including Master Tio(Chang), and Vikoga Wing sifu, Chun Chung Che Man. 
The chart relies heavily on Vikoga Wing Chun Lineage.

* So is it 2000 or 1994?  On Lin’s site, now deleted and blocked on web archive, he said:
“In 1994, He met his Wingchun sifu. While learning* Ngo Chor/Thay co, he always assumed that with enough proper training of Sam Chien, he could generate a very powerful attack called "Fa Jing", which can destroy a whole internal organ. However, after meeting his Wingchun sifu, his powerful attacks were soon neutralized by the new wingchun techniques, after that he started to learned under him.”  - Lin.  Reference:
Funny, Lin could not provide his Wing Chun sifu’s name. Does that smell fishy? Why did Lin ask for a Wing Chun teacher in Surabaya in 2000, and meets Chung Che Man?  This explains that Lin was a baby in Wing Chun, still wearing his diaper in 2000.  Question, how could such a liar tell the Wing Chun world he is a grandmaster of Wing Chun?  This is like Lin dreaming like Michael Jackson, moon walking all by himself out of reality.
Lin said he got defeated by a Wing Chun sifu in 1994, but Lin looked for Chung Che Man at 2000. This points to one thing. Lin only formally learned Wing Chun after 2000, under Anthony Chung.  At 2003, when Lin signed up on the VTM guest list, Lin was only a 3 year old Wing Chun baby still wearing a diaper. Lin was so eager downloading Wing Chun stuff from internet to learn. This explains Lin not knowing the complete Wing Chun system.  Now, the world is just starting to discovery this truth about Lin, but many of our 18 Lohan members, already knew Lin was hiding behind our backs to deceive our teacher, and our school.
Lin started learning Wing Chun from Chung in 2000; but Lin was in Canada before Japan in 2003. Big question, Lin really does not have much Wing Chun under his belt, how long did Lin learn from Chung? If Meng could easily let such a Wing Chun baby trick him, then how could Meng call himself a Wing Chun researcher? At the same time, Sifu Sergio could smell Lin from thousands of miles away. That is why now, the Wing Chun world thanks Sifu Sergio’s efforts in researching the real history of Wing Chun. But for you, VTM Benny Meng, you should blame yourself. Your greed destroyed you all along; and you are as bad as Lin.

Burger boy Lin as a 3 year old wing chun baby.
5 flags wing chun:
The real Black Flag Society (HKB), is a humanitarian association in Indonesia, which helps ethnic Chinese. They help people like the Hokkien Engchun descendants, from YongChun, or Engchun County, in Hokkien(Hokkien dialect)/Fujian(Fujianese dialect) province.  Black Flag Society was especially helpful during a period of time in Indonesia history; of anti-Chinese racism, mass killings, riots and turmoil.  Kenneth Lin makes a mockery of the thousands of Chinese killed, by using HKB, and Hokkien Engchun names, for his fake kung fu style. He does this all for his personal gain! 
HKB is not kung fu! HKB is not 5 flags Wing Chun. Hokkien Engchun is not Kung Fu! HokKienEngChuKun is not male/female Wing Chun! 

Reference: past This is Lin’s made up HokkienEngChun/Male & Female Wing Chun/Ngo Cho Eng Chun lineage tree with Master Tio and Anthony Chung Che Man in Virginia USA(This was blocked from Indonesia):

Lin played with words to build his fake Hokkien Engchun; then to build his HKB black flag 5 flags wing chun.  The little boy built the on names, on the blood of thousands of Hokkien Chinese, who shed their blood in such places as Surabaya!  Lin’s heart is black with greed.  He disrespects the HKB society, who helped Hokkein Engchun refugees from the mainland!  Lin’s father, Lin Jie Chiek, said Lin is a very evil person, and no one should trust him.  His own father! Counting Lin’s lies up, he also lied about GM Kwee King Yang’s 18 Hands Lohan, Victor Leow’s Vikoga Wing Chun, and Ip Man Wing Chun, to fabricate his HKB black flag 5 Flags Wing Chun secret society. Five flags Wing Chun never existed in history.
This is Lin’s false writing, on Wing Chun Grandmaster Yip Man, and Red Flag Wing Chun:  
“Somehow, the Engchun system through this ‘Red Flag’ group had arrived in Guang Dong province. Long after that, one of the native people of FoShan, known as Yip Man (Who moved to Hong Kong afterwards) learned Eng Chun while he grew up in Foshan city - Guan Dong.” – Lin’s BS article in wingchunpedia

Lin’s play of words and propaganda has spread around the world, with the help of the evil VTM Benny Meng.  In my research on VTM Benny, he had his own agenda, using Shaolin to make money.  From Benny’s own creation, Shaolin 3-halls Wing Chun; he influenced Lin and helped him in his creation of BS history.  Two greedy marketing boys; making up Shaolin history.  Evil Benny’s VTM is used to promote propaganda, and influence the Wing Chun world, through such entities as gullible  Behind the scenes, Lin and Meng have promoted red flag Wing Chun in Europe , as Traditional Wing Chun or GM Cheung’s TWC; using it as a smoke screen to jam their foot in the door, and sneak in HKB Black Flag Engchun, as one of the flags of their ‘5 Flags Wing Chun bull5hit’.  Lin’s article in, used to be on his website, until VTM bought into the bs.  Yet another revealing historical fact is uncovered, in the color that Lin uses in his 5 flags Wing Chun – is the yellow flag.  Here the section on Lin’s underground 5 Flags Wing Chun and colors.
What is so historically revealing is the fact, that the 5 flags bandits from mainland China had the yellow Flag.  Yellow flag bandits are known run to other parts of South East Asia to escape punishment.  Yellow flag, is in no way associated with Hung Mun. Hung Mun does not have yellow flag.  Lin’s smoke screen to use Hung Mun’s 5 colors was uncovered. 
I personally know that Lin took advantage of the old HKB men not knowing English, very well against them; to lie both in front and behind the old HKB men. As mentioned before, Lin coached Master Tio, and video recorded him to lie about HKB Black Flag Wing Chun and the other flags.  Master Tio only wanted to help his student Lin.  In the USA, Lin blocked his websites from Indonesia, so the HKB old men would not know the story he was building.  When the old HKB men realized what Lin was doing, Lin convinced them he would bring lots of money back for HKB.  The old men agreed, but Master Tio saw what serious trouble Lin was causing; so he kicked Lin’s ass out of his school.  This is when Lin started advertising the great grandmaster The King Hay, as the real Black Flag Wing Chun Grandmaster, even though 18 Lohan GM The King Hay, could not demonstrate the Wing Chun forms!  Master Tio deserves much respect.  As part of Lin’s agreement with the old HKB men, he coached them also as he did with Master Tio, and also tried to teach them the Wing Chun forms.  It is easy to see Lin is an ambitious liar.  Only greedy people will work with Lin, and gullible stupid people will follow this liar.  The people who want to tell the truth are black mailed, afraid of Lin’s hitmen, or they are publicly and unjustly slandered.  Lin’s international extortion and black mail ring, needs to be presented to the open public.  Lin’s father knows Lin committed extortion, and black mailed people in the past.
Lin’s fantasies and the marketing power of Wingchun, gave Lin ideas to fabricate a HKB Black Flag Eng Chun. Lin used VTM material, the self-appointed grandmaster & researcher of B.S. Benny, his gang fantasies, and 5 ancestors stories for this elaborate scam.  His fabrication insults and disrespect many people around the world, and Wing Chun practitioners like Sifu Cressaione’s Sifu William Cheung.  Lin and Meng claimed Grandmaster Cheung learned Red Flag Wing Chun from Red Flag secret society.  It’s a lie that they started, and now they allow it get repeated like its truth.  Lin knew better not to start HKB Black Flag Eng Chun in indo, because it would have got smashed from the start!  He started his fabricated HKB black flag in America by blocking out Indo, and black mailing our 18 Lohan members, with the help of the VTM’s campaign to push made up Shaolin stories for their combined greed.

Gang activity:
Kenneth’s kung fu is made up. He is charging thousands of dollars for fake kung fu, and fake history.  Lin can delete all the information on the internet, but he cannot delete his illegal gang activities in Canada and Japan.  Lin cannot erase his criminal record!  Lin is on travel restrictions in Canada and Japan.  We know Lin was in Japan. He is the same Kenneth Lim on all his old Japan websites. In the USA, his gang activity includes fighting our 18 Hand Lohan members with blackmail.  Our 18 Hands Lohan members wanted to tell the truth about Lin’s fake HKB Eng Chun, to VTM Benny; but Lin controlled them with blackmail. In Hong Kong, why does he associate with a hit man, to take care of his illegal gang activity? Lin has been in trouble in Japan and Canada for extortion.  Is he using hit men for his extortion, and to spread his HKB financial empire?  Are Benny’s museum students doing the dirty work to repeat Lin’s words, but ignore this evidence?  Why is Lin blackmailing our members in the USA?  Why does he feel the need to hire a hit man from Hong Kong?  Look for your own answers, but this might explain why he is restricted from Japan and Canada.  God knows what else Lin has done.  Lin’s father, Lin Jie Chiek, is right, Kenneth is a very evil person and no one should trust him.  Again can you believe it, his own father said this!  Lin may dare hide his HKB bandit background, while chasing his fantasy of a fabricated 5 flag fake Wing Chun story, but the truth reveals itself.  Lin already got caught with his lie; but now the public needs to know about this liar. Lin is a big liar in crime, as well a con boy in the martial arts community.

Benny do you really call yourself a researcher?  I have researched you! Did you know Kenneth Lin has idolized you from his teenage years?  He has fantasized about you for years; his bedroom had all your books, magazines, videos and posters.  He spent a lot of alone time with you!  He even signed up on your VTM guestbook when he was in Japan. 

Lin also learned about the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun formula, from the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun forum!  Lin was busy on the internet in Japan.
Lin also took information from your Sifu Robert Chu’s 9 zone concept, and called it 9 gate concept!  Lin researched you, Benny, to make up his fake Samchien HKB Black Flag Eng Chun 5 flags Wing Chun.  He learned to talk, and walk the bullshit, just like you.  In a way he is your creation.  Actually, you both sound alike, because you both stole information from everyone. That’s why there is a public outcry against you.  You steal and destroy history. It is no wonder why Lin wanted to be like you.  You aren’t qualified to be a researcher or a teacher.  That is why your Sifu Robert Chu said your skill is very low. What is funny, is Lin’s skill is low in 18 Lohan, and he was only a 3 year Wing Chun baby when he signed your VTM guestbook.  He doesn’t know the whole system of 18 Lohan, 5 Ancestors or Wing Chun.  The more deviant and evil you both get; the more you love each other.  How can you call a thief of your own creation, your kung fu father!? That’s some funny shit; Meng’s warehouse of kung fool dish for gullible people.  Meng, you know Shoalin HKB is all lies, because you actively made it true to yourself, by repeating and revising this bs to yourself and Lin.  If you have any respect for yourself, don’t call yourself anything more than a third generation sifu in Moy Yat Wing Chun and student under 6th generation Ip Man student, Kenneth “burger boy” Lin.  As Wing Chun Sifu Dr John Crescione asked you on facebook, who promoted you to grandmaster?  For sure not your extortion hamburger flipping shifu Lin, the one you call your Kung fu father!  Check this out, even Lin’s real father does not trust him.  Your VTM is really a Meng’s Martial Arts warehouse; it is not a museum.  It only sells false products and false history.

Cultic students:
Back in 2009, both Sergio and Meng visited our 18 Lohan teachers. We all knew that Lin coached our old man to lie, in order for Lin to recruit both Sergio and Meng for the expansion for his fake HKB in USA, S.E Asia, Brasil & Europe. A few months ago, Sifu Sergio had some concern about Lin’s background, and came back searching for the truth, without Lin and his fake museum guy Benny Meng. Finally, our teacher and sihings revealed the truth, that everything about Lin is fake, to Sifu Sergio.  Benny Meng and HKB existing operators, your willingness to go along with Lin to deceive the world makes you his partner in crime. At first Sergio was worried about Benny being fooled by Lin, but we did not see it that way. Some of our 18 Lohan members had met Benny Meng when he was here in indo, they could also tell this Benny Meng is an evil person; they could see it from his eyes.
Your teachers, Lin and Meng, have lied to you; and are taking advantage of your lack of understanding of kung fu.  Stupid and gullible are harsh words; but you really need to wake up!  I know some of you existing HKB franchise operators, cannot deny that you were encouraged to finance your blind faith in Lin’s fabricated HKB Black Flag Eng Chun; through second mortgages, friend and family investments, savings and bank loans, or lines of credit!  In fact, new innocent recruits were also encouraged to fund this financial scam.  HKB operators, you may feel you have no choice because you have to pay everyone back, so you are left to defend your cultic slave master sifu Lin and Meng.  Now you know the truth, and will have to continue the lie despite the glowing evidence right in front of you!  If you want to get your money back, file a class action lawsuit!  If you continue this path, you yourself maybe convicted as an accomplice.  Who has the balls from the inside to complain and take this scum down?  The best option is for Lin and Meng’s cultic organization is to come clean; before they are hit with an international lawsuit.   As you see, stupid and gullible are the right words to describe you.  You know Sifu Sergio and Sifu Tur were hurt by their once kung fu father’s lie.  I can understand if you are hurt, but worst is to live a lie, and be part of an organization built on extortion of our 18 Hands Lohan members! The sooner you get away from these criminals, the better it is for you.

Come clean:
No one around the world  accepted Lin’s samchien Wing Chun; so he switched to ngochowingchun, then to Ngo Cho Ving Tsun,  then to HokKienEngChun, then to male/female wing chun, then to 5 Flags Wing Chun, then to hkb  black flag wing chun, then to Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun, and now to  Shaolin HKB.  It will continue. VTM research is bullshit. Lin and VTM need to come clean and tell the truth. Lin, you need to release your blackmail on our 18 Lohan members; it is not right! You need to apologize to Master Tio, and our 18 Hands Lohan, Cap Pwi Lo Han Jui Pai!  You need to apologize to the Black Flag Society of Indonesia that provided help to mainland chinese!  You need to apologies to your father for dishonoring his family! You need to apologize to the Wing Chun community.  You need to apologize to your students!  Release everyone from your lies!

The information presented here is an effort put together from our Indonesia, Singapore, Canadian, Hong Kong and American friends. Thanks to everyone.

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